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We entered the unconventional Oil & Gas space in 2010 and have since built a strong and sustainable presence.

Since then, we have spearheaded a multitude of extensively researched global initiatives with the sole purpose of providing specific solutions to the current technical, strategic, and tactical challenges being faced by the industry today.

Last year alone our successful Oil & Gas Series has seen over 3,000 attendees with an impressive 85% being executive level E&P operators.

Last year the Eagle Ford Well & Frac Design Congress 2013 brought together active operators in the region to compare case studies and well results, manage the impact each variable has on well economics, and ultimately reduce the cost of completions and production in the Eagle Ford.

This year Well Spacing & Completions Optimization Eagle Ford 2014
will follow in its success and evaluate data driven strategies for optimizing well spacing & horizontal completions design, production performance & well economics in the Eagle Ford reservoirs.

Our Eagle Ford Specific Conferences Have Included...

Eagle Ford Artificial Lift & Choke Management Congress 2014

4th Annual Eagle Ford Product Markets & Takeaway Capacity 2014

Eagle Ford Well & Frac Design Congress 2013

Eagle Ford Markets and Takeaway Capacity 2013

Tight Oil Eagle Ford 2012

Eagle Ford Product Markets & Midstream Capacity 2012

Other Conferences In Our Unconventional Oil & Gas Series Include...

Bakken & Three Forks: Completions & Well Spacing Congress 2014

3rd Annual Permian Basin Completions Congress 2013: Wolfcamp Focus

Mississippi Lime & Chert Drilling & Completions 2013

Horizontal Drilling US Shale & Tight Oil Plays 2013

3rd Annual Bakken & Three Forks Completions Congress

Did You Know?

  • We have held over 50 Summits in the Oil and Gas space since 2010, with over 10,000 attendees
  • Our Oil and Gas Summits have taken place globally across the USA, Canada, South America, Asia and Europe
  • Our speakers have included Chesapeake, Anadarko, Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips, Statoil, PennWest Exploration, Chevron, Apache Corporation, Hess Corporation, Continental Resources, PetroBakken, Talisman Energy, Plains Exploration and Production, Pioneer Natural Resources, Americas Petrogas, YPF, Cuadrilla Resources Ltd, Tamboran Resources, Nexen Inc, BHP Billiton, Sinopec, El Paso Corporation, DCP Midstream, Copano Energy LLC, Caiman Energy, LLC, Spectra Energy Transmission, Millennium Pipeline Company LLC, Inergy L.P, EQT Midstream, Williams, Sunoco Logistics, LP, Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company, Dominion Transmission, Blackbrush Oil & Gas, EFS Midstream LLC, Laredo Energy, Harvest Pipeline, Eagle Rock Energy Partners LP, Tradition Midstream, LLC, Inergy Midstream LLC,Velocity Midstream Partners, Rangeland Energy, LLC and many more
  • Our Sponsors and Exhibitors have include Phillips 66, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, WorleyParsons, Weatherford, Core Laboratories, Inc.,
    Calfrac Well Services and Nalco to name but a few

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EAGLE FORD ZONES 1 - 3: Showing how different reservoir characteristics combined with well design, cluster density and proppant selection have impacted performance in the upper, upper middle and middle Eagle Ford

EAGLE FORD VS AUSTIN CHALK VS PEARSALL: Comparing how different frac fluids, proppants and pump rates are influencing production performance across the life cycle of the well in each formation

GEOMETRIC VS GEOLOGIC BASED COMPLETIONS: Scrutinizing reservoir and production data to establish the effectiveness of geologic vs. geometric based stage design


The Well Spacing & Completions Optimization Eagle Ford 2014 Congress has been strategically designed to be the only congress focusing on well spacing and completion design, with two full days of presentations wholly dedicated to completions optimization

1) EAGLE FORD ZONES 1 VS. 2 VS. 3: The congress is taking a first-of-its-kind approach to well spacing and cluster optimization for producers operating or looking to exploit multiple zones in the Eagle Ford. The congress has been designed to look at how production results vary as a result of well, frac stage and cluster density design relative to the distinctive geological characteristics of the upper, upper middle and middle Eagle Ford. Understanding how results vary across the different Eagle Ford zones will enable operators to adapt and optimize well spacing and cluster decisions as they continue to expand their production targets

2) PLAY VS. PLAY EMPIRICAL CASE STUDIES: For the first time, latest empirical studies across the Eagle Ford, Austin Chalk and Pearsall will be compared and contrasted to allow operators to understand how different frac fluids, proppants and pump rates are impacting well performance in these different plays and enable them to capitalize on the commercial opportunity that lies in fairly new formations

4) GEOMETRIC VS GEOLOGIC BASED COMPLETIONS: A session has been designed specifically to establish the effectiveness of using geologic vs. geometric based stage design to determine whether improvements in production results can justify the increased expenditure on more advanced geologic techniques

5) CORRELATING GEOLOGIC PARAMETERS AND COMPLETIONS DESIGN: Complex geology in multiple producing zones in the Eagle Ford has escalated the complexity to complete and produce from the play. The Eagle Ford Well Spacing and Completions Optimization Congress takes a correlation approach, matching geology and completions, with increased attention on assessing rock sensitivities, clay content, reservoir depth and microseismic and relating them to frac design parameters enabling operators to find out what has individual strategies to understand, enhance and fully exploit these reserves

6) MAXIMIZING PRODUCTION AND SRV: Eagle Ford operators are still sitting on 10 billion dollars worth of oil reserves that are yet to be tapped. To avoid having to spend time and money testing out individual strategies for every well, this congress is delivering outcomes gleaned so far by bringing the production results from other operators and linking them back to well spacing and cluster optimization to find out what has worked best

7) FULLY E&P LED: This is not a call for papers academic conference. The content of the conference agenda is completely E&P led, reflecting the most current, time critical challenge being faced in Eagle Ford Completions right now


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